MetLife Logo

Created back in 2001, this once pioneering graphic user interface was the impetus for my very first, full-on efforts in digital illustration. Coincidentally, my learning curve with Corel Painter yielded a simplistic style that was just the ticket for MetLife!

In addition to accomodating client desires, the project also addressed technical issues of the time:

  • Transparency via graphic image files (GIFs) was rather crude, so I was asked to keep ‘donut hole’ cutouts in the line art to a minimum (hence the rather clenched appearance of all the characters).
  • Discrepancies between monitors and gradient dithering limited my palette to web-safe, solid color swatches.

People Like Me Crowd. Males and Females ranging from 16-80 years of age.
Metropolitan Life Home & Auto, People Like Me Graphic User Interface, Splash Screen
After a user clicked one of the red arrows above, a corresponding backdrop would appear in the interface below.
Metropolitan Life Home & Auto, People Like Me, Graphic User Interface, build your insurance picture
From there, users would build and submit their own insurance picture, then recieve a quick insurance quote.